My Journey Mewe jewelry

why not customer

when people ask me about my customers the first thing i have to say what customers i don’t have customers i have people that buy my products. i find the word redundant and not a reflection of my thoughts. Customers are what others companies deal in i deal with people

They are people like your mum my dad, sisters and brothers. and that’s how i see them . When our parcels arrive i want the Delight to turn into a smile and followed by a great day maybe a great gift or treat for yourself.

You don’t want that for just customers. i want that for my extended friends most i will never meet some i will talk to TXT or email. But you are a person and someone’s daughter or son. So i hope to treat you with that respect if we dont we might as well shut the door.

Why i am as the owner the least important person in the room . i see some owner strut like they are above the staff and people around them. well my friend your not you just like me are at the bottom. If your staff walked out suppliers stopped supplying and purchases stopped. who are you then. THAT’S RIGHT no one. i know that there is No ME without the WE the collection of everyone’s that make it work. There are many companies still doing very well after the founders have past. so try and remember we are only as good as our friends make us so treat everyone as a friend – mewe-jewelry paul moore

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